Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Walk!

Saturday was our scheduled day to see the sights and sounds of Rome. How did we attack this ambitious project? On foot!

Our bus dropped us promptly at the Roman Colloseum where we started the tour. The Colloseum is as majestic as you imagine. We stood the entire time, gawking at this amazing architecture of antiquity and asking ourselves 'how?'

After visiting the Colloseum, we bounced over to the Roman forum. This area is full of ancient wonders at every turn. The ruins span a huge portion of what was once downtown Rome during the Roman Empire. The ruins stand testament to the immense power that once belonged to the Romans, but is now just a remnant. From baths to pagan Chapels to the altar of Julius Ceasar, we were exposed to many historical buildings of note. It was truly an academic and visual experience!

From the forum we made the long walk to the Trevi Fountain. This fountain is absolutely spectacular. Completely white and marble, it looks smooth to the touch. Once there we all gathered around to throw in our coins. If you throw in one coin, it is supposed to be good luck that you will return one day. I threw in a 10 cents piece. Here's hoping!

We all grabbed a quick lunch next to the Trevi before heading to three more awesome locations. The Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and finally the Piazza di Novona. There is so much to say about these sights, but for the better usage of my running internet meter, I will have to summarize with: these are all locations you MUST see before you leave this world. Every location is so incredibly unique and absolutely breath-taking!

After our time at the final Piazza, we jumped on the bus to head to St. Paul's in the wall. This was our next location for our concert series. Instead of 5 songs like we sang at St. Peter's, we would do our entire concert at this smaller venue.

It was a beautiful little Church. And by little, I mean Italian standards. It would be HUGE in America.

We were worried about attendance...but when we went to our spots to sing, the chapel was packed. People kept pouring in throughout the concert, and the audience was very receptive. Afterwords, a French couple admitted to coming after hearing us at St. Peter's. They wanted to hear more!

All in all it was a wonderful concert. We were very pleased and look forward to singing in more mgnificent and historic locations in days to come.

I must mention that the dinner afterwords was the best to date. Lots of pasta, delicious pork, fruit dessert and scrumptious wine. Yum yum yummy!

Sunday, we leave behind Rome. We are very sad to be leaving this wonderful city already, but we are excited to get to Florence.

Firenze, here we come!


  1. Awesome posts, Grant! I'm really kind of jealous now. Can you post some pictures when you get a chance? I'd love to see some of the sights you are so eloquently describing!

    Mike Schwartz here, by the way.

  2. This sounds so amazing, Grant!! I can't wait to read more here and hear more when you guys get back :) Post lots of pictures soon!!